Volunteering for a “shift” is easy and fun to do. Typically “shifts” only take less than an hour and you get to meet some of the most generous and grateful people.

Don’t have a car or want to help in a different way? E-mail us and we will apply your skills in other ways to help feed those in need in our community.

Our Funders

We have been able to continue our work thanks in part to grants from these foundations. We could not help feed those in need without support from the community!

Athens Food Rescue volunteers have stepped up again to save food from being wasted and make it available to people in our area who are not getting enough to eat.

Over the past few days, Nanda Filkin, Margaret Hoff, Julie Finlay, Herman Carson and Fred Kight collected bread, vegetables, meat and other food items from a generous donor.  This anonymous donor occasionally has extra food to give away.

The food was taken to United Campus Ministry, First United Methodist Church, The Gathering Place, Bishopville Pantry, Good Works and Feed My Sheep Food Pantry in Torch. These regular AFR recipients make it available to folks in need.

Some of the food was also delivered to the HIVE, a youth activities spot in Nelsonville.

“We loaded up nearly 3000 pounds in our cars and made deliveries on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday,” said Filkin, who is the executive director of Athens Food Rescue. “Then our distribution partners serve meals or hand-out the food to local residents.”

AFR is a not-for-profit group which fights hunger by reducing food waste. It gets help from several partners with surplus food.

More information about AFR’s efforts is available at https://www.athensfoodrescue.com.  You can sign up to volunteer and make a donation of money.

Contributing can also be done on AFR’s Facebook page and by sending a check to Athens Food Rescue, PO Box 1143, Athens, Ohio, 45701.


Why participate in food rescue?

Help the Community

  • 1 in 6 American households are food insecure

  • Contributing to Athens Food Rescue helps feed hungry people in Athens with food that would otherwise go to waste

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Reduce waste hauling fees

  • Cut costs by developing new waste reduction strategies

  • You may be eligible for an enhanced tax deduction

Bolster Sustainability

  • Food recovery helps reduce food waste, America’s largest waste stream

  • Organic waste emits methane, which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide*

  • Source reduction and donating food to feed people are the best ways to reduce food waste

Liability Protection

  • The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act protects all good faith food donors from liability

  • Thousands of businesses, universities, and even the federal government donate surplus food regularly

Learn more about food waste management with these resources:

If you would like to donate to Athens Food Rescue, you can send us a check to:

Athens Food Rescue, P.O. Box 1143, Athens, Ohio  45701

You can also donate to Athens Food Rescue by giving directly to The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio in our name. Gifts to the Athens Food Rescue Fund are tax deductible and can be made in many ways, including cash, bequests, and life insurance.  You can find more about how to do this here.